Saturday, January 31, 2009

i need these in my life

Another day at the office

"32 ways to be a champion in business" is the book Mr. Earvin "Magic" Johnson was promoting at my job today.

it was a really busy day today. from 8am-3pm was my shift. running around handling stuff here and there for my managers. it just so happens i work at the 24 Hour Magic Johnson Sport club, so it's HIS club. he was on a book signing tour. my major is business and marketing so, this will be a good read for me. the way it worked today, was the book for 20 cash. for each book that was purchased, the members were allowed to have one item signed. (this didnt appply to staff). people were there lining up at around 5am, waiting for his greatness to araive. its not everyday, that Magic Johnson just strolls into your area.

the above pix, are from when he 1st araived. he did an interview with fox 6 news, then headed to the courts for the signing. he's 6'8 but makes that reporter look tiny. it's funny, he looks exactly the same, and speaks the same as he does on tv.

he was real down to earth. very friendly. answered a lot of questions, signed damn near about anything. the way management said the day was going to go like, they made him seem as if he was an asshole. but he wasnt at all. even after the signing, he walked the club, spoke to members, asked them how their workouts were going, he even used the bathroom. we walked in there with him, and one of the guys is in the stall, and magic, just goes to the one next to him. guys all like, "hey, hows it going?". ha ha, that was funny. then he came and worked the front desk for a while, took a couple more pix, all before the headed out to his next stop, Bakersfield.

now this guy right here is super chill. his name is Andre Johnson. i couldnt tell that magic was his dad. i actually started a convo with him, because of his tatts. he has some DOPE ass ink. then i was like "soo, who are you? you work for him?" he responds "yea, ha ha, thats my pops .." i swear i dont see it. maybe im trippin. anyways he gave me his contact info. not only does he want some of the pictures i took, he said he'll see if he can plug me with an internship. durring the summer of course. their office is in beverly hills. but HE stays "near the water". i asked him, why he didnt hoop. and she said "don't get it twisted, im nice on the court, i just dont like being compared to my pops, and being held to a higher standard, so i just went to UCLA and got my degress, i was asked to play for the team, but turned it down. i like to stay lowkey .." so i mean, we'll see, i'll stay in contact with him, and see what happens. hopefully he's not blowing smoke up my ass.

Don't think i left empty handed. i got all this signed, a ball, name badge, the book, and this poster. i need to get a case for the ball, and i'll be set. how was your day at work?

Jan 30th

"Hash House" A Go Go for breakfast, laundry, mission beach for hw, CP3 vs Golden State, and "The Lazarus Project".

Friday, January 30, 2009

1 week and counting

so the 1st week of the spring semester is officially over. whew, i made it. just finished some of my English hw, still got one more portion left. that, plus section 2.1 (math), and chapters 12 (black history), 1 & 2 (public speaking), need to be done, and read before Monday. i figure I'm on from school and work tomorrow, so ill knock it out the way. all day sat, after work, don't got shit to do, but laundry, so thatll give me time. even maybe some after the super bowl, but i doubt it. fuck that, I'll have this knocked out by Sunday. best believe that. we'll its 12:30am, and i had school this morning, then went to work, hooped, cam home did some hw, and now I'm tired. so I'm out this bitch .. until next time ..

- dorian

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Looks like I'm actually interesting. Anyways I'm doin this on my iPod. I finally figured out how to tap into the wifi .. Yes, I know I'm slow. Only 10% battery life left though. So that sucks. Next class is at 11. Then week 1 will be in the bag. Right now I'm bumpin " fly or die" by need. That's about it.

Over and out - Dorian

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hip Hops Next "It" Guy

Last year it was Lupe Fiasco. This year DC bred rapper Wale (wal-ay...not whale) has been creating quite the buzz for himself in the hip hop world. Releasing a slew of dope tracks over the past couple of months, including a remix joint to Justice's D.A.N.C.E entitled W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E., where he makes "gay ass bright shoes" and "tight jeans" the new timbs and throwback jerseys. Also, check him out on the new Roots single "Rising Up" as he gives Black Thought a run for his ego, claiming "good rappers ain't eatin, they Olsen twinnin". God damn. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is also signed under one of contemporary music's dopest producers? Yep, Mr Mark Ronson himself has signed Wale to a production deal.

If you are geographically fortunate enough to be in the select cities where this year's Rock the Bells Tour are being held, well what the fuck, you don't need me to tell you to get those tickets. Wale will be one of the many acts that will be rockin' the mic. Oh..and Nas, Mos Def, Tribe, The Pharcyde and many more. Easily one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer. Give it another year before Nike Dunks and fitted jeans becomes the new shit in hip hop fashion.

This is whats in my iTunes of his. (click to enlarge)

Don't make no sense

the price of these damn books. and i still got one more to cop for my english class. you guys dont even want to know the cost. man, this is someones rent money lol.

What is everyone's favorite Kanye Lyrics/Lines?

here's a few of mine:
"then u started to cry, as we knelt on the kitchen floor i said mommy i'ma luv u till u don't heart no more, and when i'm older, you ain't gotta work no more, and i'ma get u that mansion that we couldn't afford"

And I still wont grow up Im a grown ass kid/Swear I should be locked up for stupid shit that i did - kanye-thru the wire

if my manager insults me again i will be assaulting him/ after i fuck tha manager up then ima shorten the register up/ LOL

"ur girl don't like long has she been gay?" -(Bring Me Down)

and this is the first time she eva spilt her soul to me.......... i fukked up and i know it G - Bittersweet

that one sends shivers.

Dropped outta school so i could stay a fresh man

School started yesterday. and as of now, ive got a taste of all my teachers, and what to expect. Full schedule, 12 units, 4 classes. MW - Black Hist & ENG 110. TTH - COMM 122 & MATH 103.

Black Hist- "youre like the black grandpa i never had". highlight of the class. that was a statement by a white boy. he had the class rolling. this class should be fun and interesting, as they never teach history from the black perspective. also, my proffesor doesnt like to give test, because he doesnt like to grade them. but we will have exams, that will be open note, and a research paper due at the end of the semester. his name is Dr. Stevens, and he swears hes 93 years old. ha ha, hes not tho. also, he was in the local newspaper last sunday, not sure what for however. he just passed the article around the class. i didnt get a chance to look at it. just saw the picture.

ENG 110- my teacher is gay. and when i say gay, i mean GAY. he told us, "for those of you who havent noticed by now, im gay; and if you have a problem with that, then i suggest you leave now, and drop my class. im not going to hide the way i am for you for a whole semester, this is how i am so deal with it." (fag voice) it was hard for me not to laugh. then he had us write a 5 paragraph paper. it was a story that took place in california, and kept along the lines of one genre. looks like this class is going to be alot of writting. im not tripping though. id rather write than read.

COMM 122- public speaking. piece of cake. 5 speaches and 3 outlines make up your overall grade. if you know me, then you know i dont mind speaking my mind, or in front of people. there is hardly any writting in this class. i like her break down, and participation is a big portion of this grade. so ill speak my mind fosho.

MATH 103- this teacher is chill too. 10 quizzes, 3 test, one final, and HW make up this grade. Final is 25%, 3 test make up 55%.then hw and quizzes are both 10%. the quizzes are take home,so theres no way you can "cheat". you can only cheat yourself. the test will have problems from the quizzes, and the final will take problems from the test. shes not here to fail us, and wants to make sure we succed. also. if you get 100% on all test and do all the HW you "should" do good on your test and final. BUT if you happen to just find a study partner to do hw and quizzes with, in reality you can get a 65% on all test and final, and still get a C in the class. NOT what im looking to do, but it makes sense.

basicly this time around im going to make sure i stay in school. especially since im getting paid to learn. its going all in my pocket. i figure ill go to class everyday, do the class and homework, and soak up what i can while im in class, and ill do fine. thats half the battle is just coming to class. basicly how i got through highschool.

Monday, January 26, 2009


So its 1:06 am and i start school in a couple of hours. I know my schedule. but i don't KNOW my schedule. So, i need to check it. and the damn web advisor is down. wtf. c'mon man. now i gotta wake up early and check this shit, when i don't even have class until 11. or at least i THINK that's when i have class ..

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not Funny

for those of you who didn't know, i work at 24 hour fitness. well, our pay schedule is the 10Th and 25Th. ever since Ive been working there, my ex manager had told me, if the 10Th or 25Th falls on a Sunday, we get paid that following Monday. well, i don't work on Fridays, and since i had been told this info, i never called up there to check if we ever got the checks early. turns out, if the 10Th or 25Th falls on a weekend period, we get paid that Friday. i guess she thought it was funny, not to tell me when exactly we got paid. long story short, could of cashed out yesterday, now I'm waiting till Monday. oh well. the 10Th or 25Th doesn't fall on a weekend for a while now. even if it did, it doesn't matter anymore.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Designed double alley-oop

here's video of Ike Nwamu and Deuce Bello of Westchester Country Day School pulling off a designed double alley-oop in a recent high school game. It's ridiculous.

School seeks to forfeit 100-0 win

A Texas high school girls basketball team on the winning end of a 100-0 game has a case of blowout remorse.

Now officials from The Covenant School say they are trying to do the right thing by seeking a forfeit and apologizing for the margin of victory.

"It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened," Kyle Queal, the head of the school, said in a statement, adding the forfeit was requested because "a victory without honor is a great loss."

The private Christian school defeated Dallas Academy last week. Covenant was up 59-0 at halftime.

A parent who attended the game told The Associated Press that Covenant continued to make 3-pointers -- even in the fourth quarter. She praised the Covenant players but said spectators and an assistant coach were cheering wildly as their team edged closer to 100 points.

"I think the bad judgment was in the full-court press and the 3-point shots," said Renee Peloza, whose daughter plays for Dallas Academy. "At some point, they should have backed off."

Dallas Academy coach Jeremy Civello told The Dallas Morning News that the game turned into a "layup drill," with the opposing team's guards waiting to steal the ball and drive to the basket. Covenant scored 12 points in the fourth quarter and "finally eased up when they got to 100 with about four minutes left," he said.

Dallas Academy has eight girls on its varsity team and about 20 girls in its high school. It is winless over the last four seasons. The academy boasts of its small class sizes and specializes in teaching students struggling with "learning differences," such as short attention spans or dyslexia.

There is no mercy rule in girls basketball that shortens the game or permits the clock to continue running when scores become lopsided. There is, however, "a golden rule" that should have applied in this contest, said Edd Burleson, the director of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools. Both schools are members of this association, which oversees private school athletics in Texas.

"On a personal note, I told the coach of the losing team how much I admire their girls for continuing to compete against all odds," Burleson said. "They showed much more character than the coach that allowed that score to get out of hand. It's up to the coach to control the outcome."

In the statement on the Covenant Web site, Queal said the game "does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach to competition. We humbly apologize for our actions and seek the forgiveness of Dallas Academy, TAPPS and our community."

Covenant coach Micah Grimes did not immediately respond to a message left by The Associated Press on Thursday.

Queal said school officials met with Dallas Academy officials to apologize and praised "each member of the Dallas Academy Varsity Girls Basketball team for their strength, composure and fortitude in a game in which they clearly emerged the winner."

Civello said he appreciated the gesture and has accepted the apology "with no ill feelings."

At a shootaround Thursday, several Dallas Academy players said they were frustrated during the game but felt it was a learning opportunity. They also said they are excited about some of the attention they are receiving from the loss, including an invitation from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to see an NBA game from his suite.

"Even if you are losing, you might as well keep playing," said Shelby Hyatt, a freshman on the team. "Keep trying, and it's going to be OK."

Peloza said the coach and other parents praised the Dallas Academy girls afterward for limiting Covenant to 12 points in the fourth quarter. She added that neither her daughter nor her teammates seemed to dwell on the loss.

"Somewhere during that game they got caught up in the moment," Peloza said of the Covenant players, fans and coaches. "Our girls just moved on. That's the happy part of the story."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Straight from the dragons mouth

Hunger Pains

mind sweeper
time has no keeper
you can claim him, but you can't keep her
he tells you his truth, she explains
only staying for lust, yet you cant complain
an affair kindled by passion
he's too passive, she keeps passing
in one ear, and out of the other
acting like a storybook couple, but that's just a cover
tears running, mouths running, shes running
yet in the midst of all this chaos, he finds her stunning
realization sets in when he sees he may really need her
now she's leaving because she's hungry for love
but he wants to be the one who finally feeds her
its too late, she's learned to feed herself.


This really hit me when i read it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Pickup


Just in time for school. Got my Financial Aid award. I received the Pell Grant.

11/12 Pack Sighting

Skate 2 Soundtrack, Suitably Diverse

Electronic Arts' Skate had one of the greatest gaming soundtracks ever, so it should come as no surprise that its sequel will also feature a diverse cast of performers, both obscure and well known.

As with the first game, the Skate 2 soundtrack covers the gamut of musical styles. From the Wu-Tang Clan's hip-hop to Judas Priest's rock to Suicidal Tendencies' punk, almost every taste is accounted for (with the possible exception of jazz).

You can find a full list of songs included in the game below.

* "Uptown Top Ranking" -- Althea & Donna
* "Anubis" -- Anubis
* "The Dull Blade" -- ASG
* "I Want A Snake" -- Awesome Snakes
* "Symptom Of The Universe" -- Black Sabbath
* "Shockwave" -- Black Tide
* "Stay On Or Die" -- China Creeps
* "Addictive" -- Cut Chemist
* "Beneath The Wheel" -- D.R.I.
* "Go Ahead On" -- Dayton Sidewinders
* "Heroes Of Our Time" -- Dragonforce
* "Show Down" -- ELO
* "Collarbone" -- Fujiya & Miyagi
* "Step In The Arena" -- Gang Starr
* "I'da Called You Woody, Joe" -- Gaslight Anthem
* "She Wore Rat Skin Boots" -- Goons Of Doom"
* "Piglets" -- Guilty Simpson
* "They Fall Apart" -- High Tension Wires
* "Freewheel Burning" -- Judas Priest"
* "S.K.A.T.E." -- Korrupted Hoodlums
* "Cold Beats" -- Koushik feat. Percee P
* "Rock The Bells" -- LL Cool J
* "Guilt By Association" -- Louis XIV
* "Weakness" -- McRad
* "For Kristoffer" -- Money Your Love
* "Eat The Rich" -- Motorhead
* "Made You Look" -- Nas
* "Heavy" -- Oh No
* "It's Empty" -- One Man Army
* "Gator Jaws" -- Ponce De Leon
* "Harder Than You Think" -- Public Enemy
* "Hold Your Hand" -- Queen Sea Big Shark
* "Runnin' Out" -- Radio Reelers
* "Sleep Now In The Fire" -- Rage Against The Machine
* "Uh Oh!" -- Riverboat Gamblers
* "Hold On, I'm Comin'" -- Sam & Dave
* "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" -- Sly & The Family Stone
* "Alternative Ulster" -- Stiff Little Fingers
* "Possessed 2 Skate" -- Suicidal Tendencies
* "Superficial Love" -- T.S.O.L.
* "Crashing" -- Teenage Bottlerocket
* "Los Pool Riders" -- Texas Thieves
* *"Death Or Glory" -- The Clash
* "Return To Blood Beach" -- The Riptides
* "Ghost Town" -- The Specials
* "Reach Out And Give Me Your Hand" -- Tickled Pink
* "Square Ball" -- Underground Railroad To Candyland
* "Low Rider" -- WAR
* "Protect Ya Neck" -- Wu-Tang Clan
* "Leda Atomica" -- Year Long Disaster
* "I Hate My Life" -- Youth Brigade

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Supra & TK Come Correct

I already own 2 pair of supras. a pair of vaiders, and a pair of skytops. i must say, this shoe is very comfortable. with TK's signature shoe dropping as early as next month, all these are a definite must cop. with Jordan boosting his prices, and every one jumping on the bandwagon, its time to go another route. I'm in love with high tops. its just something about the way they sit on a fresh pair of 501's.