Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$12; are you serious?

guess this is what you get when you're poor, live at home with gma, and she claims you. lol

Monday, March 23, 2009

step show

mexicans; boy i tell ya ..

beats going to the "shop" to buy a new axle and get it installed. this is where the asians that build their cars sent me. man, if that shit woulda fell ..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

class started 2 hours ago; oh, am i late?

11:OOAM-12:15PM: HIST-181 Black Perspective is what i have Monday & Wed. today i woke up at 10:45 and was 10 minutes late to class. now, that's okay. i just missed some papers the teacher passed out, and when i walked in, we were starting a movie.

so, its 12:10. and the door opens. and this guy walks in, with 2 tennis rackets, and a towel on his head, and really sits down for the remainder of the class. c'mon my nigga, 5 minutes left? what are you really going to get out of that? smh ..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blue Collar?

or in my case, for the last 8 months its been a red collar. i work at the gym, and im mostly in the bball courts, and i don't do sales. and they had me wearing a collared shirt. i had asked MY manager for one of the Nike Dry Fits that the trainers wear, and everytime i got a "no, you can't wear that". so, today i came into work, and the Club manager tossed me a new shirt. NO collar. feels good.


this time change is fuckin with me. i haven't got the hang of it just yet. so today as i rolled over to get up for my 11am Black History class, i said to myself "fuck it .."and just go back to sleep. 20 min later i get a txt from the home girl jay saying "hey, what's your last name? class got cancelled and there's a sign in sheet." woohoo. lol. good thing to make friends in class so they can sign in for you when you don't even show up.

so, that class got cancelled, and my 8am class tomorrow is cancelled too. its my public speaking class. nice way to end the week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conversation with MiSZ tALiA dUNkZ

----------------------------------------- 1:39 pm -----------------------------------------
MiSZ tALiA dUNkZ: i like your blog...from looks you would never expect you to be that
d0r1en0: thanks
d0r1en0: who's this?
MiSZ tALiA dUNkZ: my name is talia...i follow your
d0r1en0: well, hello talia. my bad for not posting in a while. I've been
busy ..
MiSZ tALiA dUNkZ: really....well yeah i hit yuh up cuz i always see yuh at the gym && then when i saw yuhr blog && actually read it...yuh seemed hella i decided to hit yuh

so, i get this random aim. this is basicly the jist of it: girl sees me at 24 thinks im cocky/mean (without talking to me, but to pay her bill)-comes across my blog-realizes that im NOTHING like she thought i'd be-now we`re cool. don't judge a book by it`s cover .. lol. im not THAT bad of a person ..

this is her:

breakin my pockets

New (used) passanger side Axle-$110
Oil chage & Smog-$90
aunt lisa-$100

all this within the last 2 weeks. ugh, oh well. time to re-up.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Latest Pickup

I Love School

1 check down, 3 more left. Free money is the shit.

Ending Week 6 Update

man, its been a min. i havent posted in a while, because ive been busy with school and work. lets see. last week, math test, this week english midterm, and a speech in com122. this week is done thos still with A's in all my classes. so thats a plus.

my DL has been suspended since the summer. yea, i've been riding dirty for a while now. i even got caught, with a certain sum1 who bad luck back in jan. and they wrote me a ticket, and took my DL because you're not even spose to have it on you if it's suspended. so heres the run down. i had an outstanding ticket, from the summer. then the new ticket. when they suspend your DL, you cant get it back, untill you pay ALL fines. so, i go to the court house, and all i have is the ticket from the summer. the ticket from jan didnt post. so, im like, this is a set up. go to the DMV, all they have it the ticket from the summer. i pay my $475 for the ticket, and $55 for the reinstatement fee. now i have a valid DL, and dont have to get spooked everytime i see a cop.