Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free Money

CAPF Guardian Scholars Student requirements:
Highly motivated, graduating high school seniors or former foster youth who plan to enroll in college the following academic year

Must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students must meet the following requirements:

Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA for the $3,500 scholarship award

Earn an overall minimum 2.5 GPA for the $5,000 scholarship award

Maintain a minimum of 12 semester/16 quarter units of coursework

Obtain a part-time job (minimum 10 hours per week)

Fully participate in all aspects of the CAPF Guardian Scholars Program

Agree to staff monitoring of academic performance and university records

Abide by all university standards for appropriate conduct and community behavior


seems simple enuff right? just did my app. hopefully i get this $ for the fall. any extra "free" money is always good.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 5 Re-Cap

missed school last thurs due to my illness. ended up having a quiz in my public speaking class. (tth). didnt study, read, nor have any notes. still aced that bitch. black history, we still have yet to turn in one assigment, or have any hw. im loving it. english, i have an essay due next week, and a midterm. math, we had our 1st test this week. there was one problem i spaz'd out on, shouldnt affect me too much though, as ive gotten 100%'s on my 3 quizzes, and my 2 hw packets up untill now. thats pretty much it. schoolin' workin' having no social life. but it'll pay off during the summer. got my eyse set on the prize. and its a pretty nice one. end of week 5, still got str8 A's. fuck with me ..

In Rotation

Only Buddens 2nd album, this aint the "pump it up" joe, he actually spits. give it a shot, it's worth it. my head bobs to it ..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Homo?

Thanks to DAUCHE

Update via sidekick

this is coming to yall from the back of math 103. lol. were going over our quizes, cuz we have a test on thurs. the 1st one of the semester. lets hope i do good. anyway, i missed school last thurs because i was sick. last thurs i ended up missing math, and public speaking. math we turned in a quiz (turned that in late today) and public speaking, ended up taking notes, and having an outline due today. oops. see what happens when u miss school. if i email my teacher the outline before midnight, shell only deduct 5%. so, ill knock that out today. AND on top of that, we had a quiz in that class too that i wasn't ready for. hopefully i get at least a C. that's what i got on my quiz last tues, that i didn't study for. i guess by just sitting in class, my brain absorbs 70% of the information. ha ha. [not funny]. that's my day so far, now im about to go to iHop BY MYSELF cuz every1 else is wack, and im going to get my free pancakes ..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Todays Menu

hair cut (im lookin like kanye)
eat (carls jr)
work (4-1030)

Another night in the jungle

niggas, basketball, back flips, and fades.

this was wed the 18th (while im feeling like shit).
guy does a back flip after a fast break score. lets label him A. so, the guy he scored on, (label him B), told him to do it again, the back flip that is. (keep up now).

so A does the back flip, and Bs dumb ass flinches at him while hes doing the back flip. so as A comes to the ground and catches his balance, he gives B a quick lil 1,2 combo. B is dazed by it, and you can tell he doesnt want any. by this time, im over there, its broken up. everythiing is spose to be "all good". i told B, you dont play around like that, and a busted lip is better than a law suit is A would of landed on his neck or something of that nature.

game goes on.

about 2 possesions later, they come back down to my side of the court, and B, trys to get a cheap shot in on A, when A is going for a rebound. 1st of, A isnt even paying attention, and B str8 misses. they get into it, B starts to get worked again, i go and grab A, try and settle him down, hes still talking shit to B, while this is going on,i forgot A had come up there with someone. so as im pulling A away, As partner comes, and just knocks out B. with a smooth uppercut. it was so loud, it hurt me. by this time, other ppl that were playing, had grabbed every1, and stopped everythig, and both parties left.

theres prolly more to it, that i left out, but hey, its friday now, i wasnt feeling good, so give me the benifit of the doubt. ha ha, i love my job ..

Death Proof

at least as of now i am. i felt like dieing the last couple of days. my throat was killing me. i even missed school yesterday. idk, i hardly ever get sick. and i wouldnt even call this instance being "sick". the ONLY thing that was wrong. was my throat. oh well, a couple lemons, salt water, vicks sore throat spray, and some soup, and im feeling a lil better. lets hope im 100% by monday at the latest.

(i was told) The worst fuckin GUNDOWN i have ever witnessed

"Yogurt and I are chilling infront of 7-11 on Paradise Valley Road with one of our homies that works there. Its about midnite...

We hear a bunch of people at the Hooka Bar arguin and shit (nigga skyline this skyline that). they were arguin with a bunch of mexicans..then it all stopped

We all got sad that nothing happened then a dude starts creepin up on them and shoots 6 times from about 20 feet away. He fuckin misses everyone...EVERYTHING for that matter (no glass no building no NOTHIN)

son of a bitch.."

Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

woke up to the rain. which wasnt too bad. no school because of the holiday. still had work however, 4-10. wasnt bad. broke up about 5 fights. i swear niggas dont know how to act. me and my nigga steven went to wings-n-things, watched around the horn, and PTI. soon as we were done, the "itis' kicked in. got home round 2:50, with work at 5. good thing steven was using me to get into the gym today, he called me at 3:45 asking what time i was heading up there. if it wasnt for him, my ass wouldve slept through work. that would have not been a good look, or a smooth way to stat off the week. tomorrow i have comm 122 (public speaking), and math. comm 122 at 8am, with a quiz on ch. 1, 2, & 5. so im about to do my best to absorb some of this info, and take my notes, so going into week 4, i can keep my A.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Found It

Downloading in progress ..
Get it here (thanks to Dauche)

Upcoming Sidekick rumored to be the Sidekick Blade

If it comes thro with all the apps as listed, if you have a sidekick already, do you think it will be worth the upgrade. ive been thro all the sidekicks. starting with the "sidekick" that i had my freshman year in highschool. now i have the lx. i could see myself copping this. i'm not feeling the G1. what about you?

Todays Menu

clean room
do laundry
find drakes new mix tape
start homework
watch tv
play ps3
see "friday the 13th" [not too sure, don't really have anyone to go with]
get SOME type of sleep for work tomorrow at 8am

Dowtown is the Jeff

first and foremost, i would like to say "FUCK Jim Jones !!!". that nigga didnt even got plat. how are you going to advertise an event, make it 18+ & 21+, have the dress code on the flyer, and it doesnt say a damn thing about dress shoes. your special guest and birdgang dont even wear dress shoes. fuck downtown, dressy is not my swag, so i will reframe from taking my black ass down there untill i turn 21. at least thats how i feel now. we got down there, and they turned away EVERYONE no matter the age, without "proper attire". oh well, i aint trippin, we had bought our presale tickets, for 25. the cover down there was 35+ so we just let our tix go for the face value. took that 25, and spent 20 to go to wack ass decos. well, it wasnt THAT bad, cuz everyone that got turned away, ended up being there. not THAT bad of a night. could have been better. oh well, theres my vent.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 3

Im on a roll like the Lakers. class is going smooth. got my grade for my intro speech: 19/20. math grade:105%. english, book store ran out of our book, so our paper isnt even due till next wed, turned that in early, getin extra credit. black hist: we still just take notes, and this week we watched a movie. the ball is bouncing my way. with no school monday, and things going the way they are, week 4 should be a piece of cake too.


I'm there. Me, Kid Fresh, & my nigga Jesse. aint been out the house in 2 weeks, time to hav some fun. baaallllllllliiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn .. [lol]. im not sure what the cover is going to be, but we got pre-sale tix for $25. not bad, hopefull it'll be a good turn out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


   /proʊˈkræstəˌneɪt, prə-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [proh-kras-tuh-neyt, pruh-]
verb, -nat⋅ed, -nat⋅ing.
–verb (used without object)
1. to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.
–verb (used with object)
2. to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.
1580–90; < L prōcrāstinātus (ptp. of prōcrāstināre to put off until tomorrow, equiv. to prō- pro- 1 + -crāstināre, deriv. of crāstinus of tomorrow; crās tomorrow + -tinus suffix forming adjs. from temporal advs.); see -ate 1

NOT a good thing at all. 3rd week of school, 1st night up past 12am doing hw. some english b/s, had to type it up and all that good stuff. never again. this shit sux. lol. i forgot what its like to be in school. lucky for me, i dont have class till 11am. parking is a bitch that late tho, i MIGHT still be waking up early, i highly doubt it though. alarm set for 9:45am. never again. im doing all my hw on time from now on.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Fresssssssssssh

New Ink he got done. 40$ out the house, not bad ..

Kansas City Shuffle ..

is when: everyone goes left, & you go right.

today's been a good say so far. started the day off in my public speaking class, and we had our intro speeches today. i went 2nd. got it out the way, and knocked it out the part. lol, that class is a piece of cake. some people really need that class though. it was funny seeing people make a fool of thmeselves. shit, for all i know i looked stupid too. oh well. some girl even got sick 5 seconds into her speech, and threw up. shits nuts. then, i have 105% in my math class. and math isnt een my strong point. but i got myself a tutor, so ill ace that class. we did 2.5 and 3.1 today, so i got that hw to knock out, and the ch. 3 quiz due on the 19th. the 16th the school is giving back 5$ for books, so next monday, thats a cool lil fast food meal on the school. BUT we dont even have school monday, (prez day), so ill pick t up on tues. aside from all that, its pay day. tank on full, pockets on full, straight a's, things are going smooth. couldnt ask for too much more. well, 1 thing, but only time will tell. welp, i got this english hw to do, math, reading for public speaking, and history notes to review. so ima end this here, and hop on that and try and do some of it before i have work at 4 ..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

2nd Sunday of the month ..

No super bowl to watch, but hey, these two guys right here are pretty exciting. my money is on the lakeshow. so, i got this game on (in hd) while downloading the kz2 demo, with 2 loads of clothes on my bed, waiting to be folded. lets not forget that great thing called homework. yea, got a lil bit of that too. doesn't look like too stressful of a day. 2nd weekend in a row, sitting my black ass in the house. it was raining, so im not all too sad about not going out. i'll live, woke up with the same amount of gas, and money, so all is well. welp, im about to enjoy this game, fold some clothes, and do some class work, thats about all thats going on these days, i'll keep you guys posted if anything pops up ..

Downloading demo in progress ..

The Helghast and Humankind continue their interstellar war in one of the most anticipated PS3 games yet, Killzone 2.

Release Dates
US: February 27, 2009
Europe: February 27, 2009
Australia: February 27, 2009

Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Guerrilla Games

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009


its Friday night, and it looks as if i wont be doin a DAMN thing !! ahhhh; this shit is weak. 2 Fridays in a row, of sitting in the house. and it's not like, there isnt anything to do. well, actually its just like that. there aint shit to do. well, at least if you're under the age of 21. me and my nigga Steven, were suppose to go to submission, but turns out, its not even 18+ tonight. oh well, looks like i'll knock out some more hw, and wipe the dust off this PS3. this is weak, but hey, at least i will have the same amount of $ in my wallet when i wake up in the morning. that's always a good thing. hmmm, what else is on my mind. theres actually A LOT. but i know you readers out there don't wanna read my lil sad life stories. or maybe you do. shit, if you know me, then you already know whats been going on. welp, it's not looking very promising, this night that is. i got my haircut today, so i'm about to hop in the shower, and wash this scalp of min, do some laundry, some hw, and a lil bit of socom, and get ready for work tomorrow at 9am. peace ..

Nuff Said

0ne Scary Ass Game

Resident Evil 5 - i used to watch my uncle play this series on the PS2. now it's about to drop for the PS3 and X-box 360. as i type this, i'm downloading the demo, to give it a try. i don't know if i'll be able to make it through the demo, let alone actually go out and cop the game. this game, is very graphic, and frankly scared the shit out of me when i was younger .. lol, lets see how i fair against it now. take a look at the video, and let me know if im hyping it up, and if you could sit there and play it.

Knock knock

who's there?


yup, it's been a while since i lasted posted something. main reason being, there's nothing exciting for me to post. since parking at school is a bitch, i'm waking up a 6:45am daily regardless of what time my class starts. so it's been school - work - hw - sleep, then repeating itself over and over again. i'm handling it alright though. like this weekend for example, i have math, 2.3 & 2.4 hw, plus a take home quiz. public speaking, re-read ch. 1,2, & 5, plus my intro speech. black hist. reading as usual. then English, these learning logs, and summary's of these essays. plus do my tax's, so i can update this fasfa. and fill out these apps for this financial aid that my advisor gave me. it wont slow my weekend down though. later on today i'ma hit the barbershop, and handle this hair of mine, then who knows what i'll be doing. but i do know come Monday, this hw will be knocked out ..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


February 1st, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday (my money is on the cards), Rachelles 20th Birthday, and the day in which my raise goes into effect. Pretty good way to start off the 1st of the month.