Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ending Week 6 Update

man, its been a min. i havent posted in a while, because ive been busy with school and work. lets see. last week, math test, this week english midterm, and a speech in com122. this week is done thos still with A's in all my classes. so thats a plus.

my DL has been suspended since the summer. yea, i've been riding dirty for a while now. i even got caught, with a certain sum1 who bad luck back in jan. and they wrote me a ticket, and took my DL because you're not even spose to have it on you if it's suspended. so heres the run down. i had an outstanding ticket, from the summer. then the new ticket. when they suspend your DL, you cant get it back, untill you pay ALL fines. so, i go to the court house, and all i have is the ticket from the summer. the ticket from jan didnt post. so, im like, this is a set up. go to the DMV, all they have it the ticket from the summer. i pay my $475 for the ticket, and $55 for the reinstatement fee. now i have a valid DL, and dont have to get spooked everytime i see a cop.

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